The Wonders of Bread

I forgot to buy bread the other day. It should be enough to ruin a day. It's almost a crime, a crime punishable by public shaming. Only a foreigner would forget to buy bread. At least I have that excuse. Bread is probably the most important part to any meal here in France. And I understand why it is, is so darn good. 

Bread is very important here. You're not supposed to forget it during meals, and it's great for all meals of the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, even snack time. There are many different type of bread. The worst here is the slices bread.  It's usually crustless and it just crumbles awkwardly. The best and most popular is a baguette. And why would you need sliced bread when you can make a sandwich on a baguette. Let's just say that the boulangerie is never closed so that people can get their daily bread. Yes bread is that important. Butter is to Paula Dean as bread is to French people. Bread is life!

And getting your daily bread fix is dangerous. First you have to stand in line with everyone waiting to get their fix. And while your standing in line you get to stare at all the pastries. Yeah, the evil bakers put their bread all the way in the back so while you are standing in line, all you can look at are the pastries. So while waiting for what feels like an eternity, you are ogling all that the store had to offer. And of course they have bite sized options just calling out to you. I think the reason why I don't buy bread is so that I don't get sucked into the black hole that is made of lemon tarts. Finally you make it up to the front and you get your baguette and they ask you if you want anything else. Temptation kicks in and you buy a bite sized tart. Dammit I just came for bread. And people wonder why I don't buy it often!

Bread doesn't count as carbs. Or at least not in the French diet. And for those rare few who are on diets, bread is never cut out. Bread might as well be considered it's own food group. Its not a carb, vegetable, fruit, or meat. It is it's own food group and doesn't count as any calories when you eat it. And I'm truly believing it because the skinniest people eat all the bread they want and they're still skinny. It's like miracle bread or something!

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