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How the French Stay Fashionable in the Cold

Cold weather is officially here in Paris and so is the cold weather fashion. Who know that you could be so stylish while bundled up trying not to get (another) runny nose? Well apparently you can, especially in one of the fashion capitals of the world. So here is a style guide to dressing warmly in Paris. 


These are definitely a must have item, and not because of the fashion but because of the extreme cold that seems to get worse with a gust of wind. And those flimsy pretty scarves just won't do. They need to be those heavy knit scarves. So the popular look here, for women, are the knit infinity scarves because you can wrap them around your neck and burry your nose in it when it's too cold. For men a simple scarf is also common to see here. Once again it needs to be thick enough, but not as thick as the women's scarves. And only neutral tones for men. Women have the option of colorful scarves but many stick with neutral tones as well.


A way to protect your ears from the cold are beanies. Both men and women wear them here, but it's not a fashion must have. Most women go with the knit type that looks really feminine. The men go with the traditional beanie, unless they have perfectly styled their hair, then they will face to the cold for the importance of good here. Most of the beanies are neutral colors once again. The reason they go with neutral colors so much is because they only buy one or two and those items can go with any outfit, men or women. And I'm starting to get the sense that Paris is not a colorful city, fashion wise that is.


The most important item to your guide to staying warm is a good coat. An really good warm coat gets expensive, so most people just have one, maximum two. The most popular that I see is the pea coat. Most men and women wear some kind a pea coat. The next is the thick coat with a furry hat. This is more popular for women than it is for men.  But the most important part of a coat here is that it needs to insulate well. But as for the colors of coats, it's navy blues, blacks, grays, and tans. Let's just say that my red coat stands out like no other. Also popular are leather jackets. The leather jackets are always paired with more layers underneath, but they do keep people warm. But what seems to be the most important is how the coat makes your figure look and is it warm enough.

Rainy Weather or Not, Come Prepared
Don't Wear This


Women are always found in heels here or at least in nice flats. Many of them are still trying to brave the cold in their heals by adding a thick pair of tights to their every day dresses. But eventually they give up and put on a pair of boots with their work pants. But these boots also have heels to them for many. And knee high boots are definitely a lot less popular here than they are in America. Most women stick to booties to keep their feet warm. But to many of them, knee high boots are only for when it is freezing cold or if you're daring enough to wear a dress. For men they continue to wear their normal shoes. I haven't seen any changes to their style yet. But then their normal shoes are a pair of dress shoes. Rarely do I see sneakers. Even when they dress casually here. Apparently fashion is not just for women in Paris.


I haven't seen that many yet because most people just keep their hands in their pockets. But they are not some cheap gloves that's for sure. I haven't seen anyone wear those ten dollar gloves that we can get at Target back home. No, these are leather gloves. Nice stylish ones that keep you hands really warm.

Paris is known for being a capital of fashion and many look to it as a guide for style. And Parisians know this, so they are always dressed to impress. Wandering in sweatshirts and sweatpants just doesn't happen here and be prepared to get A LOT of looks if you do that. So instead they buy a few winter items of good quality but of a high mark. I guess that's how they afford to dress so well. 

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