My Hatred of Phonetics

I am just starting my second week of my intensive French course and let me just say one thing: I hate phonetics! Phonetics are supposed to make things easy. They're supposed to help you pronounce words. Bur here I am more confused than I started off. I hate you, phonetics!

First off, learning a new language is mentally exhausted. Constantly hearing a language that is not your own is a workout for your brain. Every day my brain feels like it just did 100 push-ups. I feel like by the end of the day I am speaking gibberish and my accent got worse. So phonetics just fries my brain like a Twinkie at the state fair.

I mean why do we have these symbols that symbolize sounds when we have letters? The upside down e makes a different sound than the normal e. And the problem is that I keep for getting what symbol sounds like what. Oh that and I pronounce things wrong. Apparently the French that I do know isn't standard French. I have the accent form Normandy and therefore don't speak standard French. Well I don't speak standard English either with my American accent so why change now? So what if I don't sound Parisian, it's much easier than learning these stupid phonetics! 

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