The 10 Best Things to See in Barcelona


Barcelona: More Thank Just a Party City

In Europe, Barcelona is one of the main destinations for young people to go party. There are clubs everywhere open into the early hours of the morning. But there's more to the city than a lot of party. It has a history rooted in art and a lively culture. Here is my top ten of Barcelona.

10. Las Ramblas: while this main street is always crowded and has way too many street performers, after a while of walking down it, it gets interesting. Each street performer disguises themselves as a statue, so along the walk you start to wander what type of statue you will see next. Godzilla, a cowboy? But the street is also a great place to start off and get yourself oriented with the city.

9. Picasso Museum: I am sure everyone from Barcelona would like this placed higher on my list, but I am not the biggest Picasso fan. That aside, I thought that this museum was great because it had a vast collection of his art and it was very well done in its way of giving information on his life. It's expensive, but if you're interested in art, its worth it to check out.

Parc Guell
8. Montjuic: this hill offers great views of the city. It overlooks the harbor and a castle stands on top of it. Some other buildings include the Palau National, built for the World's Fair, and the Olympic Stadium. And don't forget the magic fountain that has colorful water shows. The trek up the hill may be worth all it has to offer up top.

7. Barcelona Cathedral: in the middle of the Gothic Quarter stands the Barcelona Cathedral, which is absolutely beautiful in its gothic style.

6. Market: Spain knows how to do markets. And I think that while this market had less sit down and eating options than the one in Madrid, this one had more options in general. You could buy fresh fruit, candy, raw meat (to cook later) and it had many options for tapas as well. Try the different fruit juices, there are so good!

5. Modernist Buildings: the area that these buildings are in are called the Ila de la Discorta because their style is so different compared to the rest of the city. They are in the style of Gaudi and really stand out compared to the rest of the city. You can pay to go inside and climb to the top, but you can admire the buildings just fine from outside without paying the hefty price.

The Waterfront
4. Sagrada Familia: so many people flock to this Cathedral, which is still being worked on. The fourteen euro entry price is a contribution to the construction of the building. And the church is huge, and is definitely beautiful in its own way. But I guess I'm just not the biggest fan of this style of art. The stained glass windows inside are beautifully colorful, but to many the entry fee is just not worth it. Either way take the time to check out this church and decide for yourself. The completion is set for the 100th anniversary of Antoni Gaudi's death.

3. Barrio Gotico: this quarter is beautiful because of its tiny streets, its detailed buildings, and its old timey feel to it. Don't bother going in with a plan because the winding streets just get you lost. But that's the great part of it, just get lost in the beauty of the old Gothic Quarter.

2. The Seafront: right next to the Christopher Columbus column is the harbor where you can walk around of just enjoy the fresh air. There are even gondolas (the ones in the sky) that can take you above the water for an even better view.

1. Park Guell: this park is free and offers a great view of the city. It was designed by Goudi and the famous lookout with ceramic seating is the most visited attraction of the Park. But paying to go sit on those seats may not be worth the price when you can see just fine from a few feet back. But be prepared for the steep climb up the hill.

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