10 Great Things to See in The British Museum


The British Museum: Like History Hoarders

In my most recent trip to London, I visited the British Museum. This museum has been on my bucket list for what feels like forever. I mean, I booked a trip so that I could go see this museum. And the reason being is because it has so many artifacts, artifacts that I have spent a lot of time studying, so for me it was really exciting. But with all the artifacts, whether big or little, it seemed like they collected anything and everything. So here is the top ten artifacts in the museum.

10. Greek Pottery: ok the Disney fan in me really liked these because they looked like the muses from Hercules. The history nerd in me liked trying to figure out the stories that they are telling. Either way, the pottery is really really old, so its cool to see what is still left behind.

Ancient Egyptian bronze statue of a cat from
the Late Period
9. Ancient Egyptian bronze statue of a cat from the Late Period: Egyptians had a thing for cats. And this cat is very cool because it looks cute, majestic, and important all at once. It shows the importance that the Egyptians placed on cats and the British Museum is very proud of this cat. 

8. Mummies: you gotta love a room full of mummies, or at leas a sarcophagus or two. You can really tell that the British were the archeologists in Egypt because they have so many of these, it seems like they don't even know what to do with them. They just put all the sarcophagi into display cases and left it at that. And for a history major, or anyone interested in Egypt, this overcrowded room is very exciting.

7. Human Headed Winged Bulls from Khorsabad: most people might not actually know what these are. But my ancient art history class gave me a big appreciation that they have these huge sculptures on display. They are basically gates, greeting visitors into an Assyrian city. And the way the museum presents them makes you think that this is what it was really like. 

Human Headed Winged Bulls from Khorsabad

6. Fragment of the beard of the Great Sphinx of Giza: ok so this is the closest that I've come to seeing the Pyramids at Giza. So seeing part of the beard of the Great Sphinx that watches over the Pyramids is pretty cool.

5. Parthenon marbles from the Acropolis of Athens: Another item on my bucket list is the Acropolis. Seeing the sculptures and marbles from the Acropolis makes you feel like you are almost there and that you can imagine its immensity.

4. Colossal bust of Rameses II: Everyone always loves a good Rameses II statue. I don't know why he is the Pharaoh that always stands out, but he does. So everyone has to stop and look at his many statues. But what distinguishes this one from the rest is its size. Its huge!

Sutton Hoo Helmet
3. Sutton Hoo helmet: the British seem very proud of this helmet. Its advertised all around the museum and the gift shop, so by the time you get to it, you just want to know what the big deal is, so you make sure to check it out. It is a helmet native to England and is still, mostly, intact. 

2. Easter Island statue: and another famous artifact that I would like to see are the Easter Island statues, but I am happy with seeing one on display at the museum. It's huge! How they even got it into the museum is a mystery to me. It's worth the look.

Sarcophagi on display

1. The Rosetta Stone: this is one of the first things that you are greeted with. And people always see this as a foundation, or guide, to language. So this is always crowded as everyone pushes and shoves to get a glimpse and a good picture 

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