A Tourist Attraction for a Good Reason

What is something that everyone must try when they come to France? Crêpes. This item is everywhere because it's so popular. And it seems like everyone knows how to make them. But this delicious skinny pancake is not just for tourists. And it's not just a flat pancake. So how do you like your crêpes?

There are two main ways that you can make crêpes. There are the sugary crêpes that are for desert and are the ones that most people think of. And then there are the savory crêpes made out of wheat and are a dark brown that is referred to as "galettes." Galettes usually have cheese and ham and eggs but you can make it however you please. Different regions make it differently, but the best is considered to be from Brittany. For the sweet crêpes you can out just about anything that you want on them. Nutella, jam, sugar, cream, caramel. My favorite comes from Brittany and it's whipped cream, bananas, and salted caramel. To die for!

The key to making good crêpes is to make them thin enough to be light but thick enough so they don't break. Outside tourist attractions you'll see them use a special tool that looks like a rake with no prongs to drag the batter around and get it as thin as possible. At home you just put a tiny bit and spread it around the pan if it's too thick. I've made the sweet crêpes from scratch for the kids and they're hard to get to the right size. As for the savory crêpes you can buy them ready made and just add your filling. So the kids like it when I make them ham, cheese, and egg crêpes. Just watch out because they break easily. But I know why this is France's most popular item, it's just so darn good!

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