Movie Titles Gone Wrong


Lost in Translation: Movie Edition

The French language is a beautiful language. There are so many different ways that you can say things. There are specific ways that you write, and they are specific ways that you speak. So it is always surprising to see how they translate movie titles from English to French. Instead of using beautiful words, they are straight to the point. No creativity necessary because you know exactly what kind of movie you are going to watch. Here are some of the funniest translations that I have seen.

Sexy Dance = Step Up
A movie about dancing and Channing Tatum, it must have some sexy dancing in it! So clearly this title is straight to the point.

Very Bad Trip = The Hangover
The movie The Hangover is about a trip to Vegas gone very, very bad. So instead of using the french expression for a hangover, they just described the movie.

Happiness Therapy = The Silver Linings Playbook
I think that all originality was lost in this translation. It's about people who are in therapy finding happiness.

Twilight Chapter 3: Hesitation = Twilight: Eclipse
Hesitation, this is a good title for the movie, as in you should hesitate to see it. Bravo french translators for giving viewers a subliminal warning before the movie. I found this translation very funny, because it is so true!

Blood and Tears = Lone Survivor
This movie is going to have a lot of blood and might make you cry. So blood and tears is a good translation for Lone Survivor. Except that its not just about blood. And there are many ways to translate lone survivor. Subliminal messaging again?

Queen of Snow = Frozen
Why does it need to be the Queen of Snow? There is such a word for frozen. Is it because they want people to know what this is a movie about princesses? Or are they trying to be creative, because its not really.

American Nightmare 2: Anarchy = The Purge
This is my second favorite. The Purge sounds like a horrible idea, so horrible that its a nightmare. A bunch of people going on killing sprees. Definitely a nightmare. But it sounds like French people are saying that this nightmare is so awful that only Americans could think of it.

Rasta Rocket = Cool Runnings
Yes this one is my favorite. A Disney movie about Jamaicans forming a bobsled team mixed with a lot of comedy? How do we name that one? Why not use a stereotype? Rasta Rocket! Really? Is this what happens when translators get creative.

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