The 10 Best Things to See in Madrid


Madrid: A Beautiful City

I recently went to Madrid to see a beautiful city, eat some great food, and learn about it's history through its art. Madrid was a great experience and I would love to go back again to experience more that it has to offer. So here are, so far, my top ten sights of Madrid. 

10. Plaza de Cibeles: this fountain is where Real Madrid fans take a swim after their team's victories. It has become iconic because of this ritual. But it is also beautiful, when you can bypass all the cars speeding around it because the fountain is situated at the middle of an important roundabout.

Temple Debod

9. Royal Palace: the Royal Palace is beautiful and reminds me a little of Buckingham Palace. Walk up the gates and check out the plaza. But don't spend the money to visit the palace because all you can do is go inside the gates, it's not worth the price when you can see right behind the gates just fine. 

8. Naval Museum: ok the history nerd in me wants to place this much higher on the list, but I know that this museum is definitely not for everyone. It's all about the Spanish Armada, which of course I found very interesting. It has a large collection of artifacts and teaches you about the different types of ships as they progressed through the years. If you're interested in naval history, you should check out this museum. 

7. San Miguel: I think the only reason why I put this plaza on the list is for the covered market. Let's just say once I discovered the food inside, I kept coming back for more each day. This place is full of different merchants selling products that you can eat right there. I had to try all the tapas, but the fruit plate definitely was a close second. Go here for a cheap lunch or dinner with plenty of choices. 

6. Plaza Mayor: this plaza is beautiful because it is completely enclosed. It is a great place to kick back and people watch with some tapas, but at a hefty price. Be careful of this tourist trap but take the time to check it out. 

The Royal Palace Plaza

5. Temple Debod: this temple was given as a gift by Egypt. It was built by the Egyptians and for centuries the land was owned by Egypt. You can go inside the temple and try to decipher the hieroglyphs or you can just admire the views from atop the hill. 

4. The Reina Sofia: this museum is home to some famous paintings, including Picasso's Guernica. Take the time to check out this museum but beware that it is not open every day of the week. 

3. The Prado: I loved this museum because I felt like I learned about a lot of Spanish history through the art. It's most extensive collection is that of Spanish painters, but it also hold quite a few Italian and Dutch painters as well. This museum is expensive but is free during certain times of the week. 

2. Puerto del Sol: this is considered the most central point in the city. It is home to the iconic bear and tree statue which is the symbol of Spain. While there may not always be much to do, it is a great place to orient yourself whenever you are lost. 

1. Gran Via: this street is filled with beautiful architecture. Of course it has some of the most expensive stores and is always packed with people. But walking down this street you will see some amazing buildings. 

Madrid has times where museums are free. Each museum takes a turn each day to offer free hours. Look them up ahead of time to see Madrid for free. 

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