Do's and Don'ts: Choosing the Right Luggage


Picking the Right Luggage for You

When traveling for long periods of time or frequently, having the right luggage is essential. And with all the luggage restrictions and never knowing what to pack, it seems that finding the right luggage is nearly impossible. How do people decide between backpack and suitcase? What is the right size? How big should it be? Well hopefully these tips will help with choosing the right luggage for your next trip.

Warsaw, Poland


Don't go too big. You have to be able to physically carry your bags. And as great as wheeling suitcases are, if you're in Europe, you're eventually going to have to pick it up to put on the train or use the metro. And trust me, lifting heavy bags when you have endless stairs in the metro is not the kind of workout I want to get.


Make sure you bag is big enough to pack for one week. One week of clothes is a decent amount for most trips. If you're going for longer remember that you can do laundry. I personally like to travel without checking any bags, so my packing goal is to always have my bag small enough to use as a carry on.


Don't buy the first thing you see. Remember that you get what you pay for. But don't get too attached to what your money bought. Your bag will get thrown all over the place. Its going to get dirty. So don't buy the first one that you see or the cheapest. It may break. Instead do your research on different features and prices.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


Try it out. This is more important for backpacks than suitcases. As long as the handle is good, most suitcases are fine. But with backpacks, that's extra weight that you're putting on your body, so you want it to fit right. And everybody is different, so you want one that won't hurt after hours and weeks of use.


Don't forget about the seasons. In the winter, the last thing I want to do is roll all my belongings in the water. But in the summer a backpack is one more likely to make me sweat. And taking it off and having the sweat clearly visible on my back is not the most attractive. And in the winter, I hate getting rained on, so a backpack is under the protection of my umbrella. So go with what you think is appropriate for you in that time. This summer I will still be using my backpack, just because I hate rolling suitcases on cobblestones and up and down stairs.


Go with what's practical and comfortable. Think about where you're going, if you're going to be doing a lot of walking, what the road conditions will look like, how much you're bringing, and the season. What is the most practical option? For me I bought my backpack and use it for every trip. Rolling suitcases are great, but I wouldn't bring them everywhere. And my backpack is comfortable, it doesn't hurt. So think about what is going to work for you.

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