Youthful Discounts


It Pays to be Young

I gotta say, it's really great being under 26 years old. For someone who was in such a hurry to grow up when I was in my teens, I now don't want to ever be older than 26, unless I can get a senior discount, but I've got a very long way to go for that one! Being under 26 in Europe, and France especially is great for travel addicts like be because of the enormous discounts that are available. And the best part is that I don't even need to be a student!

In Paris, most museums are free to me because I am a French citizen under 26. In other countries I can usually pay half the price because of my age. Most of the time a student card isn't even required if I have an EU passport. So this cuts down my budget tremendously. As for travel, let's just say that I pay half the price for trains in France as well. Buying a youth pass was expensive up front but paid for itself within three uses. And for flights, depending on the company, I can get discounts and a free checked bag. I don't think senior discounts are even this good!

So when traveling abroad, make sure to bring any form of student ID and a passport, preferably one from the EU if you have duel nationality. Thanks to my age, my travel budget was practically cut in half!

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