Papa's in Town!


Reunited for the Third Time

I have to say, it's really nice that my dad works for a British company. And thanks to them, he has to travel to London often, which means he can come see me in France! It's great. So now I finally gett to see my dad again, the first time since September. And of course I have travel plans for us. I mean he can rent a car. I can't. Gotta take advantage of the visit, right?

It's always nice to see family, but I'm excited to see Papa again. He reminisces about his days in Paris, we go see things, he rents a car, and we eat good food. Yep, visits from Papa are great. So what do I have in store for him? Well aside from visiting Paris (what do you visit with a person that lived there for ten years) we're going to Compiegne, a city outside of Paris where the Armistice of 1918 was signed. I've been waiting for this one since they signed it in the middle of a damn forest! Yeah can't get to that one without a car! And I'm sure we'll be having some couscous somewhere in there too. And he has perfect timing because I'll actually be on vacation and can actually spend time with him. Amazing!

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