Macarons: Heavenly Pillows of Goodness

Have I mentioned yet how much I love macarons? Because they're amazing. I've tried them in America before and hated them. So when moving to France I didn't see what the big deal was. But I got adventurous one day and boy do I love and regret that decision. I love it because I discovered the wonder that is macarons but I regret it because it has become an addiction. Well shoot!

So what's so good about about macarons? Imagine a soft yet slightly crunchy cookie that has the best flavor ever. Then add a layer of jelly or cream then top it with another cookie. Together this trifecta makes a pillow of yum. And of course there's are countless different flavors, from chocolate to saltwater caramel, from lemon to raspberry, there's a flavor for everyone. And that doesn't help the problem of wanting to try them all. 

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