Spring in Paris


The Roses and Thorns of Springtime in Paris 

It is officially spring in Paris and it is shedding some much needed sun on the city. Between the blooming gardens and the laughing children at parks, Paris is probably most beautiful in the spring. But with the heat comes cigarette smoke everywhere, body odors on the metro, and too many tourists in the city. But I guess it would be a true Mimi blog post unless I complained about something, right? 

Spring in Paris is great because the trees once again have leaves on them, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is out. People are spending more time sitting outside of cafés, having picnics in the parks, and taking nice family afternoon strolls. Everyone seems to be in a better mood as they're stopping to smell the freshly bloomed roses.

Hotel de Ville Starting to Bloom

But of course with all the nice weather are all the tourists, once again stopping right in front of you so you run into them. And with heat comes sweat, which can be smelled on the metro. Oh how I didn't miss the smell of BO on the metro. But the worst is the cigarette smokers who no longer need to repress their habit because of the cold. Which makes my stuffy apartment smell like smoke anytime I open my windows. Yay!

But wth all the negatives, I wouldn't trade springtime in Paris for anything else. Well maybe snow, that sounds pretty, and with the right shoes and jacket, I don't think I'll mind it. 

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