Realizing How Good Butter Is

I've always liked things with butter in it. I've never been a fan of butter on bread, but butter on certain foods has always been good. Now enter 2012 on a Lufthansa flight to Italy where I accept a snack and unknowingly bite into rock solid, unsalted butter surrounded by a very stale pretzel. That pretzel is a nightmare my cousin and I still can't shake. I'm trying not to gag as I write this. So since 2012 I've had trust issues with butter. But France has helped me trust again and I've relearned to appreciate butter, maybe even a little more than I used to. 

After letting go of my trust issues, I've realized that butter goes great with everything. And butter in France makes that butter that I've grown up with look like the Lufthansa crap. It's creamy but not too heavy. And salted butter is amazing. Goes great with everything. And the best butter comes from Brittany, at least in my opinion. It's no wonder the French treat butter like the Italians treat olive oil, it's just so good. Seriously, cook some apples in the salted butter from Brittany, you won't regret it. Well maybe your arteries will, but your taste buds won't. Yeah butter is just one more thing that I'm going to miss when coming back to the US. 

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