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The Beginning of the End

Four months. That's how much time I have left. Four months is how long it will be until I'm back in the US. But I only have two months left of work (insert happy dance) and a little over two until I start my huge European adventure with my cousin. And while I'm getting excited to come home, I can't think that far ahead. Instead a fire has been lit under my butt to finish my travel to do list. 

Of course I would have a to do list, I might be more go with the flow now but I still haven't given up my excessive list making. And this to do list is different than my bucket list, because my bucket list is always evolving. This to do list is everything that I need to see before going back home. How I have so many places left to see is something I don't understand. It's not like I sat around and did nothing all these past few months. I mean I visited multiple cities in eight different countries! But nope my list has not been finished.

I finally sat down and planned out the next four months, and let's just say I know why I am a solo traveler, I have too many things that I want to see and do. I'm starting to think that it's physically not possible. Good luck this summer cousin! I'll try to remember not to kill you like you killed me at Disneyland!

So what exactly do I have planned for myself? Well in two weeks I will visit Compiegne, Budapest, Krakow, Auschwitz, and Vienna for my April break. Then in May, I will spend a long weekend in Prague, a weekend in Bruges and Ghent, and a weekend in Nuremberg. Then in June, which I still need to book, I plan on spending the 71st anniversary of D-Day in Bayeux, a weekend in Edinburgh, a weekend in Colmar and Strasbourg, a weekend in Nîmes and Arles, and a day trip to the Loire castles. Then my cousin gets here and let's just say we will probably be visiting seven countries in about five weeks. Then back to the US in August. I'm not about to complain because this is my dream, but let's just say I have a newfound respect for all the traveling that my dad has to do for a living! 

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