A Completed Internship


My last Day of my Internship

I was really looking forward to my last day of my internship. But I was greeted with something I didn't want to see. Lice! My last day of my internship was spent paranoid and scratching my way through the day, praying that I didn't get lice. In a class of eight girls and a female teacher, only two didn't have lice. What a nice way to say goodbye. Good thing I'll stop by for a little in June. 

But aside from the lice panic of 2015, these children really were amazing. I never thought if end up with little kids and here I was, wiping away snotty noses and still managing ways to let warm my heart of stone. I would literally stand there and they would run up, invade my personal space, and hug me. I didn't even need to hug them back for them to run away with smiles, although when they were clean enough I did hug them back. On my last day I was given pictures and flowers picked from their gardens but skipped the hugs to not chance the lice. I now understand why people become primary teachers because it's amazing to see students learn at that age. And being told how pretty I am on a daily basis did a number on my ego (thanks kids). But really it was great meeting children from all over the world that spoke English, French, and a variety of different languages. So tune in tomorrow for all the embarrassing stories that I have of these children just to keep them grounded because I know that many of them will go on to do great things. Gah I sound like such a mother hen teacher! 

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