Do's and Don'ts: Booking Lodging on a Budget


How to Cheaply and Safely Book Hotels

I have gotten quite used to staying in small hotels, B&Bs, and hostels. I don't always see the point in spending so much money to stay in a high end hotel, unless absolutely necessary. Or if it's free. If it's free then always take advantage of it. But sadly, most things don't come free in life, and most hotels in Europe don't come cheap. So I book these hotels knowing that I won't get the same services or the same views, but its a bed to sleep in and a place to leave my bag, and that's the most important. But there are some things that I watch out for when decided on what cheap places to stay.


Don't book near a train station. Of course the cheapest lodging is always in the sketchiest of areas. That's what makes it so cheap. And train stations are always guaranteed to be bad areas. So avoid staying close to train stations. Instead book near some of the most popular attractions of the city as those are usually the safest areas for tourists.


Consider the availability of public transportation nearby. Sometimes if you book outside the city center, you want to make sure that there is public transportation nearby because walking all the way back after a long day of sightseeing is that last thing you want to do. So make sure there are trams or metro stops that you can take nearby to get you to the places you want to see.


Don't skimp on reading the reviews but don't take them too seriously. This is advice that I gave to all my college students when reading people usually review when they have bad experiences and rarely do it when they have good ones. So read the reviews and take it with a grain of salt. If people are complaining about a small bathroom, it's not the end of the world, if they're complaining because they found hair or stains on their sheets, maybe skip over that one. Everyone has different standards. And while it's very important to read the reviews to see what you're getting, know that everyone reacts differently.

Notre Dame de Paris


Make sure to have food and attractions nearby. Staying in the middle of a residential area is great because it's safe, but it also sucks because usually there are no restaurants around. That means that you have to wander around the city. And it's not fun when you're tired. So make it easier on yourself by making sure to have available options nearby.


Don't be too cheap. You get what you pay for. And while I love living under budget and will make sure that I do that, sometimes it's just not worth it. Don't stay in a place that you're not comfortable with for the sake of money. Sometimes you are going to have to spend a little more. And in this case, trust your instinct, if you have a bad feeling about a place, spend a little more money and stay somewhere else.


Book directly if possible. Some sites like will charge you an extra fee for using its services. But by booking directly with the place, you will save yourself from having to pay those extra fees. Most places on don't charge you fees, but always cross reference to be sure.

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