Eclairs: Famously Delicious

What do you think of when you think of French pastries? Eventually your list will include éclairs, am I right? Eclairs are one of the most popular French delicacies, enjoyed by both French people and tourists. But there's a reason these cream filled puff pastries are so famous. They're just so darn delicious!

Eclairs are usually made with two flavors, chocolate or coffee. They are made out of a puff pastry with cream of the same flavor as the glaze on top. Can you say yum? But some patisseries and boulangeries make specialty éclairs. I've had a pistachio one that was amazing. But the best that I've had was on my birthday and it was a Nutella éclair. I have to say my family knows me well when they surprised me with that! So be on the lookout for specialty éclairs while in France!

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