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Making Sure Your Plates are Clean in Between Courses

When people think of dining in France, a lot think of fine dining. And it's true, eating is an art form in many restaurants in France. Each course requires new silverware and new plates. But of course, this cannot be carried over into the kitchens of the people of France, right? Well in most cases no, people will eat their meals on the same plate, but don't expect your foods to touch, oh no!

I guess where I see it the most is with the kids. They freak out if I ever put their fruit on the same plate that they've eaten off of, even if the fruit has a peal that they won't eat. I've watched family members take my plate away because it had too many crumbs for the next part of the meal. At first I felt bad because it just meant more dishes to wash, but now I feel bad because I can see how uncomfortable people are when I don't use fresh plates. I now understand why I learned certain habits from my father, such as not wanting foods to touch. And some of it I get, in America we too serve desert on a different plate. But when there are appetizers, main course, and salad and cheese course, a new plate is not always necessary. That's what bread is for, right? To clean your plate for you. And while I find it odd that something as simple as a plate is fussed over so much, I appreciate how meticulous the french are with their dining habits. I mean, there must be a reason why so many flock to France for its fine dining.

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