Bidet: More Useful than Weird

What do you think of when you hear the word "bidet?" Do you wonder what it is? Are you embarrassed? Are you horrified? Or do you appreciate the contraption? Bidets have a bad reputation. But they're actually a perfectly placed sink. Many people they are just butt washing sinks, but they're so much more than that!

I know that a bidet is intended for, but it's got so many more uses than just washing your butt. Here's some examples:

You can wash your feet in it.
After walking around a city in your sandals, your feet get dirty. So why not stick them in that little sink to wash them off after a long day. Or soak your feet when they're hurting. Like a nice little foot spa.

I mean look how tiny that shower is!
You can was some clothes in it.
Maybe you ran out of socks or underwear but don't want to do a load of laundry. Well go ahead and fill that sink up and wash them in there so that you can still use the main sink. Like I said before, a perfectly placed sink.

You can shave your legs in it.
Its a pain to do the splits to shave your legs in the sink. And don't even think about it in those tiny European showers. But the bidet is a great location for you to do that. Because who would shave their legs in the toilet? There's a bidet for that!

You can do a quick wash up in it.
Maybe you just want to freshen up but don't want to take a shower. Well grab a rag and use this tiny sink to wash up quickly. Its good after a muddy hike where your ankles got dirty.

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