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My Appreciation for War Museums

Since my first trip to London almost two years ago, I've been desperately wanting to see the Imperial War Museum. As a history major/nerd, I need to see as many war museums I can. It was my senior thesis after all, hence all the Churchill selfies. So when my mom said she was flying out of London, I said I'd follow her there. Then she extended her stay in London and I promised to see the museum with her. And it did not disappoint. Rick Steve's article in the San Francisco Chronicle about the best army museums in Europe was spot on with this one. 

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The Imperial War Museum
The museum was a good balance if information, interaction, and artifacts. I really enjoyed the videos that they played, some interesting for adults, others for kids. The World War I exhibit was great, and opened just in time for the centenary. They provided an abundance of quotes and propaganda posters, which, as a teacher, I love! Upstairs was some information on World War II but I was a little disappointed. I wish it had a lot more information rather than just a few huge artifacts. But I guess I understand when they have an entire museum dedicated to Churchill's war efforts. And they had a few artifacts for the wars fought after World War II, but those seemed to be even less interesting than the World War II section. But another strong point of the museum was the Holocaust exhibit. I found this comparable to the one in Washington DC. Kids had to be a certain age to enter because of the graphic images. I think that the museum did a great job explaining the Holocaust and did it in a tasteful way.

Overall I'm very happy to have finally seen the museum. And I'm happy I got to share that experience with my mom. So if you're into history, take the time to check out this museum. 

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