Who Knew Eggs Could Be So Different

Come to Europe, order some eggs, and you will notice a difference. Who knew that eggs looked and tasted different here, but they which is a shock to many Americans, including myself. And while I may have recently gone on a egg binge and can no longer stand the sight of them (because I ate that many) they are really good. So what's this difference that I'm talking about? The color and the taste of yolk.

I have to say that eggs in Europe taste a lot better than they do in the US. They have this very bright color instead of the pale yellow yolk that we are used to. And the flavor is much stronger, in a good way. Of course that means that you have to eat them runny to get the best flavor, which freaked my mom out in Poland (love you!)

The reason why the eggs are different is because they are fed a different diet. In the US we feed the eggs in a protein rich diet, mostly made out of corn. Add the fact that the hens are cooped up in tiny cells probably doesn't help either. But in Europe they are fed a different diet of seeds and other more balanced foods. Apparently this difference is what changes the color of the yolk. And it's probably better for the animal as well.

But when you come to Europe, try the eggs. They're so much better.

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