The 10 Best Things to See in Verona


Verona: Is This What Rustic Looks Like?

A month ago I took a trip to the beautiful town of Verona. And to be honest, my main reason was because I wanted to eat pizza and gelato. And after getting my fix, I have to say that the small town has a nice charm to it. From the Roman arena to Romeo and Juliette, this rustic city has reason to visit it other than gelato.

10. Duomo: Italy is full of duomos. Just about every city has one. And while this one may not be comparable to that of Milan or Florence, it is very beautiful and it is one of the prettiest sites in Florence. Just remember that it's Italy so you have to pay an entrance fee.

9. Castello Vecchio: in the southern part of the city is the old castle, made from the red brick similar to the one in Milan. It has beautiful gardens and access to more across the river.

8. Tomb of Juliette: not as popular as her balcony, but a serene location, Juliette's tomb is an interesting visit in Verona. While morbid, many people visit the final resting place of a woman of Shakespeare fame.

7. Piazza Bra: a nice place with a small park, it can be observed that the locals enjoy spending time here. Whether it's teenagers making out or people just meeting up to chat, this place is highly frequented. And with good reason as it offers a great view of the arena.

6. Piazza Erbe: this, like Piazza Bra, is heavily frequented by locals. But while this one lacks trees and space, it's small market quickly makes up for it.

Ponte Pietro
5. Church Sant'Anastasia: this beautiful church near the river looks simple from the outside. But inside it has beautiful paintings and statues. Don't forget the altar. I would consider it to be one of the prettiest that I've seen in Italy.

4. Castello Pietro: huffing and puffing up the stairs to this castle is worth it because you are rewarded with a view. Crossing the river and making your way up the mountain, you get a view of the entire city. Definitely worth it.

3. Juliette's House: a yes, a huge tourist attraction, especially for the women. And while you can't put letters all over the wall like the movie Letters to Juliette, you can visit the house and grab her boob for good luck.

The River
2. Ponte Pietro: the oldest bridge of the city offers a beautiful view of the river but it is also equally as beautiful. It has this rustic charm to it and you can imagine living in the city and taking nice strolls on the bridge.

1. Arena: in the center of the city stands this arena. Climbing to the top of the steps and battling vertigo gives you a great view of the city. Just watch out when climbing up the steps as they are quite steep and avoid looking like the idiot that I was by having crawl down some because I was just too short. 

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