Three Months of Work to Go


Almost Time to Say Goodbye

It's weird to think that I started work in September. Its weirder to think that I'm almost done. While I have a little under five months until I return to the US, I have just about three months left to work. Three months is practically nothing. Just a few more messes to clean up, a couple of tantrums, and lots of adorable giggles.

When I applied for jobs in France, I thought I would end up teaching English to adults or maybe teenagers. Never did I expect to become a nanny. I was terrified of the idea of taking care of a three year old. Small children were not in my comfort zone. I'm sure that they will still make me feel uncomfortable. So it's weird to think that the three year old is the easiest to take care of. And while I am not working exactly where I would like, this job is perfect for this year. Not once have I dreaded going to work, which is a sign that I am doing well, right? So when I think of leaving them in July, I'm excited to not be working late hours, but I'm going to miss them. I'm going to miss how they say "poop sausage" ("boom kakag"), their moonwalking competitions, and their never-ending curiosity about monster trucks in America. I'm realizing more and more just how lucky I got with my job for a year abroad.

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