The 10 Best Things to See in Salisbury


Salisbury: An Old Town With Some Connections

Just outside of London lies a town called Salisbury. And while it may not be the top place on everyone's travel destination, this city has been one that I've been dying to get to for a while. It's a beautiful city that has a lot to offer in history. Not to mention it's proximity to Stonehenge. So here are some of the best things to do in Salisbury. 

10. The Wardrobe: you know me, I have to have something about military history somewhere on my list. So might as well kick off my list with a museum about the local regiment.

9. Mompesson House: close to the Salisbury Cathedral is an 18th Century house open for visits. It was featured in the movie Sense and Sensibility, so already you know it is going to be picturesque.

Magna Carta Cake for its 800th Birthday
8. Medieval Hall: near the Salisbury Cathedral is the Medieval Hall, built around the same time as the Cathedral. With a timber roof it was the location of feasts and banquets. For the medieval history lovers, this is a nice visit.

7. Woodhenge: near Stonehenge is its sister monument. And while few know about it, the marvel was only discovered in the 20th Century. It dates back to the Neolithic Period and offers just as many questions as Stonehenge. Instead of stones, Woodhenge is is bunch of wood strategically placed apart, but forming circles within circles when seen from above. 

6. Wilton House: while it's a little outside the city of Salisbury, it's more like the suburbs. This beautiful property makes you think that you just walked right into Pride and Prejudice. The architecture mixed with the greenery makes for a beautiful, peaceful, experience. 

Gate Near Medieval Hall
5. The Parish of St Thomas and St Edmund: while the cathedral overpowers this beautiful church, it is worth the visit. This one has beautiful paintings and has a different style than that of the cathedral. And I think its the differences that makes it stand out so much.

4. Salisbury Museum: if you would like a museum about this history of the city, this is for you. What's nice is that most cities do some sort of museum showing the culture and the history of the area, and this is no different. For those of you who want to learn a lot, this is for you.

3. Old Sarum: even though this is a bit outside the city, it is the ruins of an old castle. A castle that used to be home to some very important people in history, including King Henry I. Like Stonehenge, the mixture of the greenery, the rolling hills, and the rocks makes for a very beautiful sight.

2. Cathedral: ok yes the cathedral is beautiful, but that's not the main reason why it is so high on my list. The Magna Carta is displayed inside the cathedral. I mean how many times in life do you get to see a document that helped shape history. This is one of the most important documents in the world because it inspired so many others. So yeah, the history nerd in me totally geeked out in this church.

1. Stonehenge: ok so maybe this isn't in Salisbury, but it's a quick bus trip away. I don't know what it is about Stonehenge. Maybe it's the mystery of where the stones came from and how they came to be. But I think it's worth the trip to decide for yourself what you think of them. I personally loved the view of the rolling green hills surrounding the area. 

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