24 is Not 25


What's My Age Again?

Well I'm no longer 23. On Sunday I celebrated my 24th birthday. Do I feel older? Wiser? Driven? Passionate? Well let's just say that I'm not noticing a big difference between 23 and 24. Maybe I've turned into a crankier older lady. Maybe I'm going through my quarter life crisis. Maybe I'm just a product of the millennial generation. Whatever it is, I have no clue where I see myself three years from now, let alone six months from now! But one thing's still certain, I still can't rent a damn car!

You turn 18 in the US and you can vote and buy some things. 21 is your first legal drink, so what's left after that? 

Old Town Square, Warsaw
Well for me it's being able to rent a car at 25. Why is that so important to me? So I can see those travel destinations only accessible by car. The Maginot Line and Hadrien's Wall will finally be within reach! 

Roman Baths, Bath

I guess turning 24 is not a big deal to me because it's still not 25. Or maybe it's not a big deal because I have no clue what I am doing with my life. 

Stonehenge, Amesbury

All I know is that I don't know anything, and I'm happy with that. I will be happier, however, when I can rent a car. One more year!
Big Ben, London

What I can say though is that 23 was a great year, but I'm thinking 24 will be better. 

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