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Coffee, or Should I Say Café

I personally think it's really funny when Americans come to France and order coffee. Coffee in France, like many things, is an art form. And it's something that the French seem to take very seriously. 

Coffee in France is always served in smaller portions. Most Americans are shocked when they are served a coffee that they could fit in a shot glass. But it's strong enough and does the job. They also don't overload their coffee with too much sugar or milk, or whatever else goes in coffee at Starbucks.

Coffee is also served at all times of the day. As usual, most people start off their day with coffee. But anytime you're invited somewhere, don't be shocked if you get offered coffee. It's not just a morning drink. It's a drink that appreciated, no matter the hour.

And now I'm going to honest. I hate coffee. But France does a fantastic job with coffee flavored things. Especially coffee ice cream. I never thought that I'd see the day that I would willing order coffee ice cream. And there are other coffee flavored things, like yogurt. Maybe thanks to France I'll start appreciating coffee more. 

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