Two Months Left


2 Months and I Don't Want to Count Down

I'm in a weird place right now. I'm beyond excited to see my family and I'm counting down the minutes that I'm done with work. But I don't want to leave. I'm already feeling the withdrawals and I haven't even left yet. 

I've been in Europe for 11 months now. Some days it seems like it's nothing, that 11 months just flew by and I managed to hang on for the ride. Other days I'm amazed that I did this. When I boarded that plane back in. July I for sure thought I was going to fail. I gave myself three months. And now I look at what I've done. With the American mentality, one would think that I didn't accomplish anything productive, but I did. I moved to another country, found a job, found a wonderful apartment within two weeks, traveled by myself to nine different countries, relearned a language, and learned to love myself and be the real me. Sure I didn't make buckets of money or advance my career, but I've decided that there's more to life. That I don't fit that standard of living and I'm not about to feel bad about it. I thought I would, but I don't.

So knowing that I have only two months left is weird. I have plenty to do. I have to move out of my apartment, survive a few more weeks left of work, travel Europe, and say goodbye to my family, which you would think that I would be used to since I grew up away from them. But this year is going to be the hardest thanks to all the love and support my French family has showed me. These last few months are going to be bittersweet as I want them to go slowly and quickly all at the same time. 

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