The 10 Best Things to See in Bruges


Bruges: A Popular Small Town

Visiting Bruges, it's hard not to fall in love with its charm. Between the amazing food, the beautiful streets, and the charming canals, it's easy to see why so many have fallen in love with the city. And don't forget the many historical artifacts! Its no wonder so many flock to Bruges. Here are some of the best things to see and do in the city.

10. Holy Savior Cathedral: Bruges is a city full of churches, so how do you pick the best? This one makes the list for its impressive size, its organ, and its art. It's a great place to hear some music playing and the bells can be heard through most parts of the city.

9. St. John's Hospital: sounds weird to visit a hospital, right? Well this hospital was run by nuns and monks for injured and sick pilgrims. Today its not a real hospital but a museum. The hospital is from the 12th century and some of the original stones are still there today. If you're into medieval history, this is sure to capture your interest.

Basilica of the Holy Blood
8. Groeningemuseum: this museum houses Flemish paintings that span six centuries worth of work. It also includes works from Belgian painters, though its main focus is the Flemish style, which was once the leading style of art.

7. Town Hall: Belgium does a good job with town halls. They are always surrounded by beautiful buildings, each one complimenting each other. This one is no different. The buildings is in the traditional style of the area and as grand as it can be for a small town. Its worth it to stop by, and then go and get fries at the stand right next door.

6. Burg Square: another main square of the city houses some important relics. With the Church of the Holy Blood nearby and easy access to the canals, this square is heavily trafficked.

Canals of Bruges
5. Markt: the main square of the city is full of life. The belfry towers over it and it is where the markets are held. Stop by for some great food, the sights, or for a carriage ride throughout the city.

4. Church of Our Lady: this church is famous for the beautiful work of art inside. Michelangelo's Madonna and Child is housed within the church and is the main attraction. It has been stolen twice, once by the French, under Napoleon, and once by the Nazis. Both times it managed to find its way back home. And it truly is a beautiful work of art.

3. Basilica of the Holy Blood: this church, while pretty and medieval on the outside, is famous for what it has on the inside. It claims to have the Holy Blood, brought back from the Crusades. The church itself is pretty, but it's the blood that everyone wants to see.

Bruges Madonna
2. Belfry: the bell tower that can be seen from most points of Bruges is beautiful. It towers over the main market square and it is beautiful. And while Bruges is a city full of bell towers, this one seems to be the most recognizable.

1. Canals: what draws so many people to Bruges are the canals, and with good reason. On a sunny day they are delightful. You can take a boat tour around the canals or just sit back and enjoy the view. Whatever you choose to do, they certainly add to the city's charm.

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