Cooking Like the French


How to Cook a Meal Like the French

People come to France, not just to see the sight, but to try the food. Its food is so famous and so popular that the French have been trying for years to make it part of UNESCO's World Heritage. Surprisingly, Mexican food has made it on the list, but not French food. But maybe one day, right? So what is it about French food that inspire many. And how exactly do you cook like the French?

At this point, I don't know what to call French food. I can call it good, but as of classifying as something as specifically French has become hard for me to figure out since so many other cultures know how to make some good French food. Of course there are a few classics like boeuf bourguignon, quiche lorraine, soupe a l'ognion, and pot au feu, but there is so much out there, its hard to narrow it down. So know how to cook a few classics. There is always a dish that French person knows by heart.

The French always cook what is in season. In the winter, they eat winter dishes, in the summer, it's summer dishes. Only recently did people start having the choice to get year around products, but still they prefer that farm fresh produce based off of what's in season. This helps make for the best quality dishes, because nothings worse than a tomato that isn't ripe.

Sandwich American, my favorite
One thing that I can identify as very French is their habit of including sauce in any dish. I've grown so used to it that when I was eating schnitzel in Austria I wanted sauce because I'm so used to it. Whether its the fat at the bottom of the pan or a nice béchamel sauce, the French always have some sort of sauce to go with their meal.

But the most important is to have patience. French food takes time to prepare, especially those meals that need to be cooked for a few hours. French food is something that is well thought out. Everything is supposed to compliment each other, so having patience is important if you want a good French meal. But have fun with it too. Most people don't know recipes because they have their own variations and don't measure. Add your own twist to a traditional French meal and make it your own.

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