Café Lifestyle


Stopping to Smell the Roses, or Coffee

I love that France, and many other European cultures, embrace the café lifestyle. It's a place to sit down for a long period of time, enjoy a coffee, and enjoy the world. And I know that we have coffee houses in the US, but we use them more for the internet to get business or homework done. We don't take the time to just watch and enjoy life. And it seems like France has got that down.  

The café lifestyle is great for everyone. If you want to socialize, get together with some friends after work and enjoy the time together at a leisurely pace. Want some alone time an a good cup of coffee, cafés are great for introverts too, who just stop by to hang out for a bit while waiting for their next thing to do.

And there's different options too. You can go to the bar and drink a cheap cup of coffee quick or you can sit outside (and pay more) for some coffee and a good seat. At any time of the day you'll see Parisians sitting outside, smoking, and enjoying some coffee or tea. And it's good that people take the time out of their day to enjoy life. 

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