Pear Juice


Pear Juice: The Third Wonder of Juices

We got apple juice, we got orange juice, but Europe has a secret weapon: pear juice. Yeah, pear juice. I know we have something like it in the US, I mean how could we not? But it's still not the same. If you like pears, go to a grocery store in Europe and be prepared to have your mind blown away by how awesome pear juice is! 

Pear juice is amazing. If you've had pear gelato, you've come close to tasting the amazing concoction that is pear juice. Even the cheapest brands taste like you put a pear through a blender an poured a glass full. It has a similar texture to a normal pear. Apples are smooth, so Apple juice is smooth, oranges are pulpy, so the juice is pulpy. But pears are not that smooth, nor are they pulpy. They have a certain texture that transfers over into the juice. And boy is it good. Imagine biting into the freshest pear without eating the skin. Welcome to the wonderful world of pear juice.

The only bad experience I had with pear juice was in the Budapest train station. The ingredients included a not so delightful mixture of edible acid, sulphate ammonia, and a more than generous amount of glucose fructose and sugar. But the apple juice was made with the same hellish mixture of ingredients. Let's just say I now understand why you read labels before drinking something. Never drink anything with that mixture. The side effects were immediate and it was probably the scariest night of all my travels.
But aside from the juice of bloating, nausea, and lies from Budapest, it seems that almost every European country sells pear juice. And in every country (except Hungary) I've had a delightful experience. So try the amazing goodness that is pear juice, just read the labels before consuming to make sure that Jesus doesn't have to take the wheel. 

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