Montmartre: A History


Montmartre: Romantic and Artistic

Montmartre is probably one of the most famous neighborhoods of Paris, and one of the most beautiful. This little escape on a hill is so famous that the city has made efforts to preserve its history and not make any changes. With Sacré Coeur towering over the neighborhood and the picturesque staircases winding around the neighborhood, it is a great place for artists. So here is a little history about the city.

Streets of Montmartre

Named After Martyrdom

The hill of Montmartre is the hill will St. Denis became a martyr when he had his head cut off. Mont means hill and martyr got change to martre, together making the name of Montmartre.

Great for Artillery

Since Montmartre is on top of a hill, it has been a great place for battles. Whether it be Parisians against Parisians, or Russians against the French, this hill has been used multiple times as a focal point to attack the city. Through the centuries, many military officials have taken advantage of this strategic location.

Picasso's Art Studio

Famous Artists

Montmartre is famous for attracting artists from around the world. Among the famous people who have worked or lived in Montmartre are Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, and even Langston Hughes. Today you can visit Le Bateau-Lavoir which was once Picasso's studio.

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