Photo Essay of My Changes Through Travel


Realizing that I Won't Be Coming Back the Same Person

Am I the same person that I was months ago? Do I know where I'm headed in life? These are questions that I'm having a hard time finding words to describe the sentiments that I'm feeling. Truthfully the answer to both is no. No I'm not the same and no I don't know where I'm headed. Something in me has shifted. So instead of trying to find the words, I'm going to do a little photo essay of the changes that I've made through travel. 

This is me, twelve months, ten countries, twelve kilos, and a couple thousand dollars ago. I doubted myself, thought my dreams were far fetched, and cared too much what everyone thought of me. 

Me and my Cousin at a Cousin's Wedding in June

This is me over a year ago on my very first solo travel in Italy, scared, but excited at the same time. That trip helped me decide that I wanted to live in France for a year. 

The Vatican, Rome

This is me right after I signed the papers for my apartment. It is the first time that I ever rented an apartment. I found the apartment within two weeks of moving to the country. Finally a big weight is lifted off my shoulders.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

This is me in my first month of France, taking advantage of what Paris has to offer and falling in love with the city's beauty. 

Opera, Paris

This is me traveling alone to a country where I didn't speak a word of the language. Sure I went to Italy before, but I know enough to ask for directions and understand them. This was the first time I went really outside my comfort zone. 

Royal Palace, Amsterdam

This is me learning what cold feels like. Notice the forced smile and the tired eyes from walking around in the cold. 

Atomium, Brussels

This is me experiencing snow for the first time in my adult life. It is also me falling in love with Germany and it's sausages. 

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

This is me in front of "Stalin's Penis" proving that a good dirty joke will always make me laugh and that Poland is actually a nice place to visit. I also realized how much my mom likes to travel and I think we may have opened a can of worms with this trip. Good thing she understands me and my humor!

Center for Culture and Science, Warsaw

This me after power walking up the Bavarian mountains, showing that I won't stop at much to save some money and see the world. Oh and I had a sausage at the top. History and sausages, now that's happiness. 

Neuschwanstein Castle

This is me celebrating my first birthday in the country that I was born in with family. Nothing like a Nutella eclair to start 24 off right!

So I'm 24 Now...

This is me braving my fears and going to the 56th floor to see all of Paris. Thanks papa for being there as I tried my best to hide my fear in the elevator. 

Tour Montparnasse

This is me finally understanding my fathers culture and adopting some of his customs. Moving to France explains him so much now! Love you papa!

Chateau de Chantilly

This is me learning more about communism and I have to say, I'm petty skeptical of it. And this sums up all the kind of museums that I tend to visit.

Memento Park, Budapest

This is me making it to a city that I thought I would never make it to. It's too far east, too different for me to have thought I would ever realize this dream. I'm glad it happened. 

Danube River, Budapest

This is me, once again braving the fear heights and not succeeding at hiding my fear. 

On the Eiffel Tower

This is me excited to be in Paris, the city that I live in, the city that I was born in, and not caring how many double chins I have in the picture. 

Trocadero, Paris

This is me in Prague, a city which I never thought I'd visit alone because of the extreme language barrier and my shyness towards it's culture. But after months of travel I got brave enough to brave this city on my own. And it became one of my favorites, proving that you can't judge a city because of it's communist past. 

Tyn Cathedral, Prague

This is me now, a seasoned traveler who doesn't care what other people think, only how they treat me. This is a version of me who is proud of herself and can't believe I ever doubted my dreams. This is a me determined to ind a way to keep traveling. 

Bruges Canal

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