Children and Food


Feasting Like French Children

What do kids eat in other countries? Because in France they eat like sophisticated little adults. Once they're old enough, they eat the same things as the adults. I guess they train them young in learning what good quality food is. 

At first I thought the kids that I watch were picky, then I realized that they'll eat just about anything if it's well prepared and comes with a good sauce. These kids even ask me to cook them lamb. Lamb! I'm pretty sure you won't hear that in America unless the kids come from a different country.

But even the baby food sounds good here. It makes American baby food sound like dog food and even looks appetizing enough to eat even as an adult. I didn't know that was possible!

But of course children are expected to eat well. Parents don't seem to allow their children to be picky eaters. If someone is making a meal, they're making one meal for the whole family, not something special for each person. It seems that food is part of their education. They encourage kids to learn the different tastes and become cultured in food to better appreciate it. And because of that, the kids that I watch know how to cook better than I do. Great!

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