One Week Left of French Class


Goodbye French Class

Wow, I am almost done with French classes. I just have one week left and I will have completed a years worth of French classes. And I'm kind of relived, but I still don't know if I would consider myself fluent. 

I think I learned things in French class that I didn't even learn in school, but then again I stopped French school by fifth grade and French in high school didn't help much. I even learned things that I'll probably never even use, like how to write stories. But it helped a lot. But it did cause even more doubts about my French. Now I'm constantly rethinking about if I'm saying something correctly. Before I just went with it. I committed no matter how bad my French was. Now I pay attention and ask if I said it right. Clearly I'm not fluent yet if I keep having to ask "was that good?"

But it's nice to be done. I'm one step closer to being done with this year and one step closer to my summer adventure!

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