One Week Left of Work


It's the Final Countdown

(Do-do do dooo, do-do-do do-dooo) Sorry I can't say that phrase without that awesome keyboard going off in my head. Yep I'm a weirdo. I've stopped caring. What is this countdown for, you might ask? It's my last official week of work. And somehow I still have all my limbs, very few battle wounds, and lots of stories to tell. Sadly I had to sacrifice my pride and my sanity was also a casualty in my work as a nanny. And now I'm limping my way through my last week of work (literally and figuratively). 

I guess this is the most suffering that I've done for my travels. You would think that the endless blisters, constant knee spasms and pain, and hours of exhaustion are where I've suffered in my travels. But no, it's the jobs that I do in order to make it happen. Let's just say if two years ago you asked me if I was going to be wiping snot and poop off of kids I would have laughed at you. I also didn't think that the kids would grow on me either. That I no longer find it creepy when the little one uses his demon voice. And as much as they drive me crazy, I care about them.

But the hardest right now is being so close to the end. It seems like every day is dragging out because I'm so looking forward to a few days of downtime, my cousin arriving, and our big European adventure. But I'm sure my last day with them will be an emotional one. 

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