Sandwich American


All the Best Things in One Sandwich

When the French put the word American in front of a food, I usually get pretty offended by the stereotype. But when it comes to the Sandwich American, I feel proud that my nationality is associated with a sandwich fit for the gods. This sandwich is not for my grandma (sorry Nanni) because there is nothing healthy about it. You have to be willing to sacrifice your arteries and good cholesterol for the sake of this sandwich. But every bite feels one step closer to heaven, partly because of its deliciousness, partly because of the imminent heart attack. But by the end, you're addicted and you can't wait for your next one. Thankfully these beauties are hard to find, I'm sure my heart is thankful for that. 

What is so good about this sandwich are it's three main ingredients. 
First is the baguette, which no French person can get enough of. And if you don't like baguette, it's because you haven't tried it in France. It's crunchy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. The perfect bread. Especially when fresh out of the oven. 

Next comes the merguez which is a North African sausage made with spices and lamb. This sausage always produces a lot of oil and grease when cooked, so be careful when eating it. But it's so good. A good merguez is hands down my favorite sausage. The sausage inside the bread gives it the right amount of spice, and with the grease coating the sausage, you don't need to add mustard or mayonnaise, but you can. And don't you think about ruining this delicious sandwich with ketchup. 

Next comes the part that makes it American: fries. Yep, that's right, I'm talking about a sandwich made with fries. When you hear about the idea, you think it's ridiculous but you are curious, but then you try it and you instantly believe that whoever thought to put fries in this sausage sandwich is a genius! And I'm not talking about already made fries. I'm talking fries made fresh, from real potatoes, deep fried to give an extra crunch to the sandwich but soft enough to soak up the grease and herby juices from the sausage. 

Oh boy writing this sure is making me hungry. And at the Christmas market, some genius had the idea of adding onions to this sandwich, which are of course cooked in the sausage grease. This idea is ground breaking, I'll even say revolutionary. So there you have it. The best French idea with the word American in it. 

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