Jardin de Tuileries: A History


The Most Famous Gardens of Paris

If you've ever been to the Louvre, you've probably seen at least part of the Tuileries Gardens. They are right in the middle of the First Arrondissement, so basically in the middle of Paris. And while in the wintertime, there seems to be very few people, during the summertime it is packed! So why is this garden so important?

Realized by Catherine de Medici

After the death of her husband, Catherine de Medici seemed to go on a garden building spree. She had the Luxembourg Gardens built, then after she had the Tuileries Gardens built for herself as an extension from the Louvre Palace.

People enjoying the sun by one of the ponds

Ment to Rival Florence

When Catherine de Medici had the gardens built, she wanted it to rival those of Florence, specifically those in the Piti Palace. I guess it worked because even today this is the most famous gardens in Paris.

A Place to Hunt

After Catherine de Medici, many kings had the gardens stocked with animals and it got turned into private hunting grounds.

Sculptures with a view of the Eiffel Tower

Changed by Revolution

During the French Revolution, the King and Queen were allowed to walk along the promenade once a day to get outside. After their death, the gardens turned into a park, for all people of the public. And since then it has been used for many events, such as the 1900 Olympics, where fencing was held in the park.

A Place for Art

Bookending both sides of the gardens are the Jeu de Pomme and l'Orangerie. Both hold fabulous collections of art. Inside the gardens are famous statues, some by Rodin. And at the end of the Gardens is the Louvre. Since its construction, the Tuileries Gardens have become a center for art.

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