Let's Get Down to Business to Travel


Time to Commit to Travel

When I envisioned this year, I pictures myself traveling a lot. Like gone doing something every weekend and gone every single break. I figured sleep is for the weak, or you'll sleep when you're dead, or whatever other sayings there are. I guess I forgot to take into consideration that taking care of children takes a lot of energy out you. And then I'm also trying to experience as much of Paris at the same time. So I honestly haven't traveled as much as I thought that I would. But in the end, I'm happy. I'm making money, making friends, and falling in love with the city that I'm living in. 

So now that I have two weeks of vacation coming up in December, I plan on taking advantage of them. First trip is this weekend. I am going to Lyon to see my cousin and experience the Festival of Lights. Then after that it is off to Belgium to finally make up for the trip that I cut short. Then Christmas in Normandy with the family then off to Berlin! Yes that's right my holiday season will be spent learning about World War II and the Cold War. I'm excited! Then back to Paris so that I can see the Eiffel Tower on New Year's Eve. Then I have a few more days where I have some time to travel but I need to figure out where to go.

Now is time for me to get serious about traveling if I'm going to see all the things that I want to see. The bright side is that I can see what I missed this summer. Which means while I'm working so hard on this to do list, I can still take advantage of seeing Paris too and spending time with some friends and family. I guess this year has not gone at all how I planned, but in a fantastic way. I am getting to know the culture, I'm living in a beautiful city, and I'm getting to see a lot more of my family. Maybe I will not have completed my to do list of travels, but I'm happy with what I'm doing instead. Besides, I can always come back and complete my list then. 

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