A Change of Pace


Taking a Moment to Appreciate the Holiday Season in Paris 

The seasons a'changin'. That's for sure. And with the changing season comes a change of pace. Is it possible for things to move faster and slower at the same time? Because it seems that's the phenomenon in Paris right now. 

The Christmas lights and decorations are up and in action, meaning that tourists are crowding the streets trying to catch a glimpse all the lights that the season has to offer. And I had forgotten what it was like to have a lot of tourists in the city, but don't worry, I remember now. Apparently Christmas in Paris is a big thing. Which I understand why. People are also taking the time to take their kids out and show them the lights, or going to holiday parties with friends or coworkers. And it seems that no matter how cold it gets, people are still packing the cafés full to enjoy each other's company.

But with the nice holiday spirit comes the fast paced consumerism, which I had the pleasure of experiencing last weekend. Stores are open later and even on Sundays right now. Not that I would suggest going because I would compare it to Black Friday in the US. Oh yes, long lines, people all pushing and shoving each other, and a lot of stubbed toes. Yep I definitely won't be doing that again. It seems that Christmas in Paris, no matter how romantic and magical it must be, has it's own little Black Friday.

As for me the change in pace has been nice, but tiring. I have been picking up the pace of what seems to be my already fast paced lifestyle. I have been traveling on the weekends in between internships and French classes. But I am also making an effort to explore more of Paris too. So I guess what I am trying to say is that Paris has a different feel to it right now, and while the streets are busier, there's a feeling floating around the air. 

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