The 10 Best Things to See in Milan


Milan: A City of Riches, Fashion, and Religion

About a month ago, I was lucky enough to return to Italy for the third time and discover Milan for the first time. And while I had incredibly bad luck with flights, rain, and lots of disgruntled tourists, I was able to get to see some of the beauty that the city has to offer. And what I discovered was that it is a city full of riches which can be seen from the expensive labels, the golden covered galleries, and the high class that just seems to be everywhere. But it is also a city of religion, with magnificent churches everywhere and some of the most well known masterpieces. Here are some of the top ten things to see.

Sforzesco Castle
10. Cimitero Monumentale: now I know that a cemetery is not top tourist destination, but everyone considers this a history walk. The monuments inside offer up tales of what Milan used to be like. And it's a nice escape from the busy city. 

9. Visit the Canals: little did I know, Milan also has canals, lined with some beautiful shops and houses. The canals are calmer than the main parts of the city. 

8. Public Gardens: getting away from the very busy city, many people visit the public gardens, one of the few parks of Milan. Its beauty would probably be better appreciated on a sunny day, but it still offers a beautiful change of pace, and the Italians are very proud of this garden. So taking some time to take a break is probably best done here. 

7. Museo del Novecento: this museum is a history museum, mostly detailing the history of Milan. The locals are very proud of it and it is modern enough that it is not some other boring old museum about a city. 

6. Pinacoteca of Brera: this art museum has the best collection of Milan. It is located near the Duomo and the Novecento, giving easy access to its masterpieces inside. It is constantly changing it's expositions to keep people coming back for more. 

5. Sforzesco Castle: whether or not you're interested in the civic museums inside the castle, it is still worth your time to stop by and see it's beauty. From the fountains outside, the green landscape around it, or it's brick walls, there's something to admire about the 15th century castle. 

4. La Scala: this opera may seem simple on the outside but it's world class beauty is in the inside. It is famous for being one of the world's most beautiful opera houses, or at least that's what the locals say. Either way, it is something worth checking out. 

The Duomo
3. Victorio Emmanuelle II Gallery: this beautiful gallery is beautiful to people for different reasons. I thought it was beautiful because of the structure of glass, the tiled floors, and the painted walls. Others may think its beautiful for the expensive shops inside, such as Versace, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. It's worth a quick walk through, but you may end up taking your time. 

2. Santa Maria della Grazie: inside this church is one of the most well known masterpieces in history. The Last Supper is the main attraction of this church and is definitely worth the visit, but be prepared for the long lines. 

1. The Duomo: this gothic cathedral is the most popular attraction in Milan. Inside the cathedral are beautiful works of art, but very little light on a cloudy day. This makes you experience its very gothic style. Outside, the cathedral sits on the main square of Milan, with quick distances to the other main attractions of Milan. 

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