Do's and Don'ts: Budget Airline Packing


How to Pack the Right Bag for Budget Airlines

Budget airlines offer tickets at really affordable prices. But where you save money in bookings, you lose money on baggage fees. So the trick to avoiding these fees is to pack light and carry it on. But even their carry on restrictions are a bit much. So packing for these airlines is a real challenge. So here are some tips and tricks. 


Don't assume that you're allowed a bag and a purse. For many your just allowed one bag, period. So that purse needs to be able to fit comfortably in the baggage or else something is getting checked.


Book a checked bag ahead of time. Most of the time, checking a bag at the gate costs more money than to pay for the baggage fee when you book the flight. So if you think there is no way you can get enough things in a really small bag, then book the bag ahead of time to save money.


Don't bring more than you need. The best way to not have to check a bag is to not bring too much. That means re-wearing clothes or washing them while you travel. By packing less, you can be assured to be within the limits.

Don't Forget Your Cape
Imperial Treasury, Vienna


Pre-weigh and size your bag. In front of every gate is a box to see if your bag will fit. Don't think they won't ask you to put it in. All rolling cases go in the box. But sometimes backpacks are not asked to be weighed and measured. So to be safe, keep the backpack on to avoid being asked to weigh it. But make sure it's not too bulky looking. That's usually a giveaway.


Don't forget that bags may expand on the way back. I don't know why, but the bag always seems harder to close on the way back. Maybe it's because you pack in a rush or because dirty clothes seem to expand. Or maybe it's all the goodies you bought. But just remember to leave a little wiggle room for the heavier trip home.


Wear your bulkiest items on the plane. That means biggest shoes and jackets. This gives you more space in your bag and the airline will never deny you your jacket. Full proof plan! 

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