Café Liegeois


Café Liegeois: The Way to do Coffee Ice Cream

Do you like coffee? Ice cream? Whipped cream? Throw in a historical battle and you got the café liegeois! Even for non-coffee drinkers, this desert is pure heaven. Sure it may be a lot of sweet, but it is a dessert after all, it's gotta be sweet. And boy is it good.

A café liegeois is coffee ice cream topped with chantilly, the best kind of whipped cream there is. Before World War I, the dessert was called a café Vienoise, or a viennese coffee, probably due to the fact that Vienna is known for its desserts and coffee. But after a long battle with the Germans in 1914,  the name was changed to honor the resistance of the city of Liège in Belgium. Yes I enjoy a little history with my ice cream, thank you! But if you really hate coffee flavored ice cream, which is amazing in France, then there is always the chocolat liegeois option where they replace the coffee ice cream with chocolate. These ice creams are always served in generous portions, with the whipped cream light enough for you to not realize how much you've consumed and the ice cream good enough to keep going once you've reached your breaking point. Self control does not accompany this dessert.

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