Musée Rodin: A History


Musee Rodin: Mixing Nature with Art

Paris is known for its vast art collection. In fact it has so many major museums that seeing them all within a short vacation to Paris is impossible. It has the big museums like the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay, and then there are the smaller museums. There are even museums dedicated to one specific artist. There's the Musée Picasso, which has recently reopened, and the beautiful Musée Rodin. And what makes the museum so unique is its layout. So here is a little history on the Museum.

The Thinker

20th Century Museum

The Museum opened in 1919 and was dedicated to the works of Auguste Rodin. He donated all of his collections to the state of Paris, including the Hôtel Biron, as long as it would be used as a museum. The museum houses some of his most famous works, including The Thinker and The Kiss.

Former Workshop

The museum, also known as the Hôtel Biron was once Rodin's workshop. He used the workshop in 1908 and inside housed several pieces by Renoir and van Gogh. The museum today holds thousands of his works, including some of Camille Claudel as well. The Hôtel Biron is currently under renovation works, but the garden is still accessible.

Les Invalides

Open Air Museum

What makes the museum so unique and so beautiful is that many of Rodin's sculptures are placed outside in the gardens. So not only do you get to admire the view of his sculpture, but you get admire the view with beautiful gardens complimenting them and sometimes a sneak peak at the eiffel tower or Les Invalides.

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