Travel Braggers


People that Can't Stop Bragging About their Travels

I'm a people watcher, and through my travels, I've observed a lot of people. And some of the people that I've observed have left lasting impressions. And sometimes these impressions are not good ones. The ones that really seem to get under my skin are the travel braggers. The ones that seem to know everything because they spent a night in a city. It's the people that always talk about themselves and are always right that drive me crazy. And I think the main reason why they drive me crazy is because I'm terrified to turn into one of them. 

I've heard people tell stories from that one time in Europe as if they're now experts. Or that because they took a tour group through Italy that they know everything about Italian culture. I mean I wish I could learn about Italy's history by constantly eating pasta, but alas that is not a superpower I possess. But the worst travel bragger that I witnessed was in Vienna where people shared tables at a schnitzel restaurant and this one guy dominated the conversation about all his travels. The only thing he could talk about were the opportunities that he had going to all these places, instantly becoming a self proclaimed expert on the places, and giving a disapproving "oh" when someone hasn't visited the place. Did I mention that he was alone with a table full of couples who couldn't get a word in edgewise? I've realized that travel braggers like him like to hear themselves talk and their experiences are always the best. The guy was so annoying that my friend told me that I had to do a post on travel braggers, because according to her, I'm not one. So here are my rules since I try to not sound like the braggers:

Travels braggers just don't understand
I wanted to eat my schnitzel in peace
Vienna, Austria

Speak from experience - everyone has different experiences, so everyone's truth is different. I, for example, love Italy but hate traveling there as a single woman. I love Germany, but I know that's not the case for many who find the Germans a little cold. Don't say in Belgium they're like this, instead say that when I went to Belgium I saw a lot of ... (insert observation).

Have other topics of conversation - you've travelled the world, everyone's jealous, no need to keep rubbing it in. Instead of only talking about your travels, bring up other things too. If it's hard keep your bragging to about 75% of the time. Also that way you're not telling the same stories over and over again when you run out.

Allow yourself only a few outlets - traveling is amazing and go ahead and share with the world. It's too exciting to keep bottles up. Allow yourself some outlets, but not all of them. I stick to posts to my blog and Instagram, only posting on Facebook when I'm super excited to be somewhere. But don't post it on all of the social media outlets out there, especially with the caption "you should be here."

Give advice only when asked - don't consider yourself an expert unless you do it for a living. I don't consider myself an expert though I do know quite a bit about traveling now. So I won't give advice unless people ask for it. Nobody likes a know it all but they do appreciate help, but when they ask for it.

I use these rules to try and be a likable traveler. I try not to brag unless asked. Apparently I'm doing ok, but I'm always doubtful of how I come across. I try to limit myself to just my blog to be a bragger. 

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