Places to Revisit


Top Ten Places That I Want to Revisit

There are just some places that I can't get enough of. Some of them I want to visit over and over again. Some I felt like I didn't have enough time. And some made me miss them before I even left. So here are the top ten cities that I need to revisit. 

10. Rome: Rome is such a beautiful city full of history and great food. I don't think I can ever tire of seeing the Colosseum and the Vatican, and then of course there the gelato and the pasta. I think that there's always a good excuse to go to Rome and I won't pass up those opportunities.

9. Brussels: I would love to see this city in the spring when it's in full bloom. While visiting it in the winter time where I could take advantage of the Christmas markets, which was great, but I would love to explore more of this city to see more of its beauty. That and I can never get sick of Belgian fries, waffles, and beer. They know what they're doing there.

8. Munich: I love Bavaria and Munich is no different. Between its nice people, it great food, and even better beer, I have fallen in love with Munich. Its close distance to many points of interest and its interesting history with World War II will probably keep me coming back for more for many years. Thank goodness I won't have to stay away too long as I'll be back in a couple of weeks.

7. Warsaw: Warsaw is a city that I didn't know that I would want to revisit. But I have fallen in love with the Polish charm, and the more that I think about it, the more I want to revisit the city. If not for the history then for the food.


6. London: I used to think that this was my favorite city in Europe, that it would rank top on the cities that I want to revisit. But it has been demoted a bit. I'll never tire of visiting the city, that is for sure. Between its people that always seem the be so nice, and its ample history museums, London always has me coming back for more. That's probably why I'm finishing my year in London. One last goodbye before I'm America bound.

5. Budapest: the more that I think about this city, the more that I want to go back. It was once a place a luxury, then it became plagued by communism. The combination creates an intriguing adventure through the city. It seems like there's mystery everywhere, things yet to be discovered, which makes you want to keep coming back.

4. Berlin: I had a feeling that I would love Berlin. It didn't disappoint. Between its history, its unique architecture, and its food, Berlin is easily one of my favorite cities. And even though I spent three entire days in the city, I feel like I barely hit the surface of all that it has to offer. I just need to go back.


3. Prague: this was one of the few cities that I missed as I was leaving it. Prague is so beautiful and so interesting, I have a feeling that it will quickly become one of those cities that I keep returning to. I can't seem to quit. Between its delicious sausages and super interesting history, Prague has captured my attention.

2. Vienna: before I even left this city I already wanted to go back. Three days wasn't enough to see all that Vienna has to offer. It's architecturally beautiful and its history is so interesting. That and I don't mind a good schnitzel, so I have to go back.

1. Paris: this city has become my home, and even after living here for a year, its beauty never ceases to take my breathe away. Its food is amazing, its history is captivating, and its beauty is breathtaking. Paris will always hold a special place in my heart. I was born here after all. 

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