Where in the World is Mimi?


Where Am I Right Now?

I feel like my life this year was a mixture of Where's Waldo and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, without being a cool spy. It seemed like every time someone asked me where I was or where I was going, it was somewhere other than my apartment, somewhere other than Paris. So now that work has ended, where in the world is Mimi?

As of right now, I am somewhere on a monstrous trip. I could be anywhere between Greece and Ireland as you're reading this. I guess the best way to celebrate a year abroad and the end of my career as a nanny is by going on the most ridiculously long, jam packed trip that I could think of. This is the trip were my cartilage in my knee goes to die but my addiction increases tenfold. I'm starting to think that travel is like heroin, you just can't stop after you're first taste. And I won't stop. At least with this drug I gain self respect rather than lose it.

I could be complaining about others ruining my photos
Vienna, Austria

My apartment keys are officially handed in and everything is packed up. An entire years worth of stuff is back with family as I am living out of backpack for five weeks. We started out in Santorini, then moved our way to Athens, we then stopped in Dubrovnik before going to Rome where we took a day trip to Pompeii. From there we headed to Venice and then to Salzburg to sing along to the sound of music. Then off to Munich because I can never get enough of Germany and the Neuschwanstein Castle, then to Lucerne and Zermatt to see the Matterhorn. From there we can finally relax in Nice but not without a day trip to Monaco. Then off to Dublin then to Cork to visit the Irish castles, then to London, a favorite, then back to Normandy to say my goodbyes, then finally, back in the US. Now you understand why this trip is a beast in itself and only someone truly addicted would be crazy enough to tackle it, in five weeks I may add. Planning it was a bitch, excuse my language but that's the nicest word I could think of. First I had to find all the flights and compare which was the cheapest way to get there. Then there was the challenge of finding hotels in high season that didn't involve staying in dorms but fell within the budget. Finally the fiasco of trying to buy train tickets, having to book multiple legs of one journey on different websites to keep costs low. Hours were spent planning this trip, and now I am reaping the benefits. I should probably consider become a trip agency since it felt like a full time job at times.
I'm most likely eating good food (aka sausage)
Neuschwanstein, Germany
PS I wish I was in the snow, not the heat
So where in the world is Mimi? She's off doing what she loves and is having a great time, somewhere in Europe. 

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