Steak Frites


Steak Frites: It's the Simple Things

I love red meat. I'm not one for a T-bone steak nor am I fan of rare steak. But France has taught me to love steak, specifically, steak frites. And thanks to France, my family no longer needs to be ashamed of me as I no longer order my meat well done.

As simple as a steak sounds, in France it's no simple matter. It must be good and it's a reflection of the chef. That's why ordering it well done is impossible as chefs refuse to cook something so awful. Thankfully I've grown to like medium meat thanks to France. The steak itself is thick enough but nothing like a T-bone steak. I never know names of cuts, but this one is bigger than a skirt steak. But what makes it so good is the quality of meat. They refuse to cook it well done because then you can't taste the good quality. And then don't forget the sauce. Whether your just dipping it in mustard or having it with a pepper sauce, steak isn't eaten plain. But of course the crown jewel of this meal is the fries. And no I'm not talking about the frozen fries. I'm talking about the fresh made fries made from real potatoes. Who needs ketchup when you can dip them in the mustard or meat sauce. Yeah, this has to be one of my favorite meals in France. 

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