I Survived Being a Nanny


Finishing My Year as a Nanny

You know, when I imagined how this year would go, I didn't imagine wiping snotty noses, trying not to guess what is on their face, and putting suppositories up kids butts. I imagined teaching English, whether it was an after school program or tutoring, to older kids or adults. Or at least that is what I was hoping for. Instead I landed a job as a nanny and I was terrified. To be honest I'm kinda scared of young kids, but for some reason they like me. Maybe it's because they know I'll squirm when they touch me with their germy hands. So I didn't think I would last as a nanny. Well it looks like I did seeing that I'm officially done! 

The Arc de Triomphe
Although it felt like I was limping across the finish line, the kids were actually pretty good. I was most terrified by the idea of watching a three year old, but he ended up being the easiest and I had to just let him play with his cars or make poop jokes with him. I can deal with potty humor, so not so bad. The other two were also easy to deal with, other than when they were fighting. The middle child was the most loving and always have me hugs, which was reassuring for the uneasy nanny in me. The oldest had so much sass that he always knew how to make me laugh. I guess you could say that I more than survived, that I did ok. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't want to be a babysitter anymore, but if it means that I can travel then I won't poo poo it. And I'll miss them, especially the little one with his evil laugh and his obsession with caca boudin and pigeon poop. Yep, it was an interesting year, but it worked out great. 

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